Be a Genius (continued)
Be a Genius: Take time each day to work on a project that interests you! Become a genius in an area that is important to you. (see infomation from ELO post on April 1)

Today’s Activities

Read / Watch

Continue the Genius project

Genius Across the Centuries

Choose one or more of the following articles to read:

  1. The Facts About: Tea
  2. The Facts About: Paper and Printmaking
  3. The Facts About: The Compass and Ship Building
  4. The Facts About: Iron and Steel
  5. The Facts About: Gunpowder

Complete the “My Invention Flowchart” on page 4, for the invention you read. If you cannot print the page, that is okay. Either create a similar flow chart electronically or on another sheet of paper.

Get out and Move

Continue with your journal of daily activities. What invention did you use to exercise today? A bicycle, running shoes, basketball hoop, jump rope, etc?

Move your body.
Make up your own dance moves.
Take a selfie or video.

Move your body.
Make up your own dance moves

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Teaching Tips

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Turning on transcripts for YouTube Videos [PDF]

Teaching at home

Engaged learners ask lots of questions. This time home together is a great opportunity to model that skill. While we are all home together with our families, many of us will find ourselves watching more movies or television that we normally do. Take this chance to engage with your student. Ask them why they chose what they are watching. What do they find appealing about it? Does it make them want to know more about something? If it is funny, try to have your student explain why it is funny and provide examples of other things that are funny in the same way.

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