When a Dragon Moves In
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Today’s Activities


Conversation starters: What are some of the things the boy loves about having a dragon? How does the dragon feel when the he has to move out? How does the boy feel, and what does he do? Have you ever imagined something like the dragon?

Conversation starters: Dragons are not real, but the boy imagines his dragon is real. What are some of the things the boy loves about having a dragon? What would YOU like about having a dragon?

Talking Math: Day 1

  • What shapes do you see in the picture? (K.G.A.2)
  • Complete this sentence. ______ is taller than _____.
  • Use blocks or Legos to build your own buildings.
  • Talk about the different sizes of your structures.

Go and explore some dirt.

Move It!

Make a shape dragon

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Speech & Language

Answer these 5 Ws about the story!

  1. WHO moved into the sandcastle?
  2. WHAT were 3 things the boy loved about having a dragon?
  3. WHERE did the story take place?
  4. WHEN did the story happen? Summertime or wintertime? How do you know?
  5. WHY did the dragon have to move out?


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