Biomimicry: Building a Sustainable Future
A STEAM lesson that introduces students to the fundamentals of biomimicry, filled with concepts that provide an important link between biology and design.
Subjects: Science/STEM

Today’s Activities



  • Getting your Biomimicry Journal Ready
  • What does it mean to be regenerative
  • Biomimicry Nature Journal Reflection: Today’s reflection is about tapping into the wisdom and knowledge you have already. In one to two paragraphs, write down what regenerative means to you. This could be in the form of design, in daily life, ecosystem services, across the globe, etc. If relevant, sketch a story, make a word map, or diagram your words. There is no right or wrong answer. Be as creative or as brief as you’d like.


  • Learn Biomimicry Wherever You Are

  • There are now thousands of resources — including books, articles, videos, lesson plans, groups, training programs, and more — available to folks who want to learn, teach, and practice this valuable problem-solving approach.

  • Watch these videos and gather some valuable insights from Janine Benyus, founder of the Biomimicry Institute, to learn more about this new approach to problem-solving called Biomimicry.
  •  Consider the following questions, and write down your thoughts in your journal:
  • Why is biomimicry intriguing to you?
  • How could the practice of biomimicry help positively influence the world?
  • Or how about your local community?
  • If you’ve studied or practiced biomimicry before, what aspect(s) have you found to be the most inspiring?
  • What are your best practices?
  • What advice would you give to a new biomimicry learner?



  • Ask Nature
  • Spend some time searching for nature-inspired ideas at
  • Explore Inspired Ideas 
    • What idea(s) did you find most interesting? What problem was solved by using biomimicry design? What innovation from nature-inspired the solution?
    • Research more nature-inspired ideas from Biological Strategies
  • What strategy has inspired you?
  • What sustainable design solution(s) are you thinking of? 
  • Write
    • Write a few paragraphs about biomimicry and ideas you found interesting.
    • What has inspired you?  What can nature-inspired design might you want to work on over the next few months?


  • Find out more about the Youth Design Challenge

    Take the role of innovators and work to apply biomimicry (nature-inspired innovation) to address a social and/or environmental issue related to climate change adaptation or mitigation. Suggestion: work on an issue that affects your local community! Work as an individual, a family, or virtually with friends.  Share your final project digitally or perhaps at a county-wide exposition in the Fall.



  • Reflect on the activity. What is one interesting thing you learned from this activity?

  • Did you find answers to any of your initial wonderings? What questions do you still have?


  • Keep a journal or folder of your ideas and prototypes.  Perhaps one of your ideas could be entered into the nationwide competition for prizes awarded by the Biomimicry Institute

  • Check out past prize winners here.. 


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