S’more Summer Learning
If boredom ever creeps into your house this summer, this lesson will have lots of resources for you.

Today’s Activities


Let’s watch this Pep Talk from Kid President. 

Stimulate your brain, decrease stress, and increase your memory by reading every day. 

Here is a suggested book series for 6th grade students, and from Scholastic, these recommendations for ages 11-13. 


6th Grade Math Packet 

Interactive Math Game: Your mission, if you should choose to accept it, is to help Kit Foxtail get the townfolk’s money back by the evil Duke Von Wolfington. In order to complete your mission, you will need to crack open some safes using your knowledge of the Order of Operations


Here are some fun summer activities:

Create a Solar Oven and make your own S’mores! 

Virtual Tours: Geology of Yellowstone National Park

The Atlantic Hurricane Season runs from June 1 – November 30.  Be a hurricane chaser and keep an “eye” on hurricanes, cyclones, and tropical storms this season.  

Earthquakes occur every day.  Keep track of the latest and greatest quakes with this website.


If history is your thing, choose one of these books to read.  

You can take a virtual tour of the National Museum of Natural History.  

Get creative

Crafty?  Find some inspiration from Childhood 101: 45 Fun Summer Crafts for Tweens

get moving

Have fun! Choose from one or more of these field day activities or make up some yourself.  

From ABCDeeLearning.com

Relay Games (10 activities)

Cooperative Games (9 activities)

Competitive Games (10 activities)

Water Games (11 activities)

Plan a meal for your family or create a delicious and healthy snack. Let your taste buds to guide you through these recipes 

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