The Present
Give yourself a gift of self compassion.

Today’s Activities


The film is based on this comic strip by Brazilian, Fabio Coala.

Read more about the creation of the short film here.


What is your overall response to the short film?

Rewatch the film and pause at 2:35. Use at least 5 adjectives to describe the boy during this part of the film.

Rewatch the film from 2:35 until the end.  Use at least 5 adjectives to describe the boy during the second half of the film.

Opinion: Why does the boy feel the way he does about the dog and why do you think it changed?


What are coping techniques that you can use when you are feeling angry, sad, or disappointed?  

Everything’s Canceled: Coping Tips Straight from a Psychologist

What strategies can you use to increase your happiness?

The Science of Gratitude

Take a Self-Compassion Break every day, every week, and whenever you need it.  

Here are 20 Quotes to Inspire Self Compassion

Memorize one or two that inspire you.


Make a list of 10 things for which you are grateful.

Create your own comic strip using at least 5 major moments in the story.  Be sure to include thought bubbles and dialogue boxes. 

Print one of these comic strip templates or use your own google slides or google doc to create your comic.

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