Camping with Pete the Cat

Today’s Activities


Let's go camping with Pete the Cat!

Join Pete as he learns all about the fun things to do when you are camping. Learning Objective: Will Participate in books from beginning to end.

Cutting and Tracing

Practice your cutting and tracing with this fun campfire activity. Learning Objective: Manipulates objects with both hands doing different movements.

Our toddler friends can cut or rip paper bags into “logs” and glue them on a paper and then use crayons to draw the flames.

Marshmallow Painting

Explore patterns with this fun marshmallow painting activity. Learning Objective: Attempts to create simple repeating patterns.

Toddler friends can use the edible paint option to make a totally edible activity

Science in the Kitchen

What happens to marshmallows when they heat up? How does chocolate change when it is heated? Follow this yummy recipe for indoor smores and help your child make predictions about what will happen to the ingredients and then discuss the outcome. Learning Objective: Children will observe objects and events of interest in the environment, makes simple predictions about them, and checks the predictions

Move your body with Pete

Put on your favorite song and follow along to Pete’s Cool Cat Boogie! Learning Objective: Tries different ways to coordinate movements of large or small body parts.

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