Time Travel
What might you see and learn about if you could travel through time?

Today’s Activities

read it!

What if you could travel through time … where would you go? What would you see?Listen to “Castle on Hester Street”, which is in a different time and different place.  When you are finished, choose one of these book report activities to tell about what you learned.

Quick Write:  different styles of clothing were popular in different time periods.   Use this writing prompt to think about the outfit a cartoon version of you would wear.


Something you might see people using during your time travels is…buttons! They have been used by humans to fasten their clothing for thousands of years.  Grab some buttons (or a collection of small round disks, like lids from cartons and jars) and a ruler (or print one here) and plot some measurements in this task.  Your at-home teacher can help using information from this link.


Make a time-teller potion! If you could time travel into the world of one of your favorite books, where would you go? How about going to Hogwartz with Harry Potter to make a potion that changes color as time passes! Learn how with this video science experiment.  You will need some help from an adult to gather the materials for this activity.  Be sure to keep track of your data for each trial of your experiment. You can use a record sheet like this one.

ancient places

Continue your time travels by choosing one of these ancient places to learn more about on BrainPop Jr.  Challenge yourself with a quiz when you finish.


The Hand Jive was a popular dance in the  1950’s.  Can you dance along?  What other dance moves from the past can you learn?

Try It!

Can you write like the ancient Egyptians?  Make a secret message using hieroglyphics and send it to a friend.  Make sure to send them the key to figure it out.

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