America’s Wolves
Explore the world of the American wolf, learn how these fearsome and important creatures are making a comeback from near extinction and the threats they continue to face.

Today’s Activities

Saving America's Wolves

Read this Scholastic Magazine article about Saving America’s Wolves

Make a copy of this Information Text Response form to capture your thoughts about the article. 

Change the reading level or click the text to speech button within the article itself.

Understanding Integer Exponents

Understanding Integer Exponents: Applying Properties of Negative Exponents

* Answers 


How could wolves affect rivers?

Think about this for a minute. Would wolves have a positive, negative, or neutral effect on rivers? Why? Then watch this fascinating video about trophic cascades and the effect the reintroduction of wolves have on the Yellowstone National Park ecosystem. 

Learn about wolf behavior with the help of the International Wolf Center’s live-streaming webcams

More to Learn

There is so much more to learn about wolves. Spend some time exploring the International Wolf Center’s website

P.E. Choice Board

Directions: Do these alone or grab a family member to do your exercises with you. Start with the middle square and then make one other choice each day this week.

Wolf Social Media

Design your own social media post in support of wolves. You can make a meme, a gif, an Instagram post, a tweet, etc. Watch this tutorial on how to draw a wolf howling.

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