California: Places and Faces
Explore some of the famous people and places in our state’s history

Today’s Activities


John C. Fremont and the Bear Flag Revolt. Who was John C. Fremont and how did he contribute to California becoming a state?  Settle in with some popcorn and learn more by watching this 45 minute movie.

Most people in history were not all good or all bad; they may have done some things that helped people, but some of their actions may have caused harm in other ways.  What is your opinion of John C. Fremont?  Did he help or hurt California?  Use this graphic organizer or this one,  and some of these words and phrases to plan an opinion paragraph giving your opinion about Fremont.

Warm up to write with a quick write. Superheroes are pretty famous faces, but what are they up to on their days off?  Use this writing prompt to help you imagine.


Fremont used a sextant to find his way.  This tool uses angles.  Use a protractor (you can download and print one here) to help you with this math task.  When you finish, have your at-home teacher check your work using this link.


Another amazing place in California is the old-growth redwood forests.  Explore Redwood National and State Parks with this video, then get out and walk in nature around your neighborhood.

Create it!

California has many historical landmarks.  Check out this list (check out #28) and choose a  landmark to advertise.  Create a travel brochure that you believe would attract visitors to this famous California place.

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