California Geography: The Pacific Coast
California Geography: The Pacific Coast, explore part of the coast of California with a visit to the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

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Here, you will get to explore LIVE WEBCAMS of the various sea life we find on California’s Monterey Coast! Enjoy your visit, and be sure to brush the sand off your feet when you’re finished! Click on the link, and start your virtual field trip!

Art & Writing: After you have explored the aquarium, create a beautiful ocean scene on a large piece of paper. Be sure to include some of the plants and animals you observed through the live web cams. You may use any medium/media to create your scene: paint, crayon, colored pencil, pastels, paper cut-outs, etc. Then, write a creative story to go with your ocean scene. Share your art and story with your family!

Quick Write: Porquois Tale: How did the octopus get 8 arms?  (Use your imagination!)


What patterns can you find in multiples of nine?  After you finish, discuss your findings with your at-home teacher, then compare your work to the solutions at the bottom of this page.


Get up and move using a Go Noodle video like this one!

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