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Around the World

Go on a trip around the world in this fun cartoon that teaches us about different vehicles and what they can do!

Traffic Light

Make a traffic light! using skills we have been working on throughout the distance learning creates this fun traffic light. Work on your learner cutting, coloring, and gluing each piece. Be creative the colors can be in any order just like the sample.


Watch this counting video and follow along by singing, counting, and clapping.

Traffic Light Game

You can play the traffic light game with just two people or with several.

Here’s how to play the game:

  1. One person calls out the instructions and pretends to direct traffic. The others follow the instructions.
  2. There’s a choice of three instructions, all relating to the color of traffic lights – either “red”, “green” or “yellow”.
  3. If “red” is called then everyone must stand very still and silent.
  4. If “green” is called then everyone moves around quite fast.
  5. If “yellow” is called then everyone moves around in slow motion.
  6. Take turns to direct the traffic and shout the instructions.

When you cross a road, show your child real traffic lights and tell them that they have to stop at red lights.

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