What are Myths?
What are Myths?

Today’s Activities

Watch & Write

Read one or both of these introductory passages titled “What is a Myth?” 

Watch this video about a famous myth from Greek storytelling. What do you think about the story?

Decimal Addition

Did you know?

The word decimal comes from the Greek word Deka. The decimal place value system then is a way of counting and recording numbers using ten as a base for grouping. Use this worksheet to practice your understanding. 

Watch this Khan Academy video about numbers. What questions do you have? What did you learn? 


Watch this video and learn about the 4 spheres of our planet Earth. Each of these 4 spheres comes from Greek words that describe what they are. 

Here is a video about the outer solar system. A lot of Greek Myths came from not understanding the solar system and space that hadn’t been discoverd. 


Read these “5 Terrifying Tales from Greek Mythology” and meet the mythical monsters from ancient Greece. 

Watch this video on “myths and how they change”.

Stand Up!

Color Your Plate: Different colored fruit and veggies have different health benefits. Be sure to have a colorful plate of fruits and vegetables at every meal. Eat a rainbow of fruits and veggies!

First, have your child do some warm up stretches: 10-15 arm circles (front and backwards), 15 jumping jacks, running in place for 30 seconds, 10 leg squats, 10 push ups and sit ups then go to GoNoodle and have your child pick a couple of PE/Dance videos. 

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