Changemakers: How can young people create change in the world?

Today’s Activities

Watch & Write

Watch the clip of Malala Yousafzai’s Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech: Write an opinion paragraph that answers this question: Can young people create change in the world?
Complete this word search about Changemakers and think about what each term means to you.
Watch this book about doing things differently, and how it’s ok to be the change. 

Age-related Math

Try these age-related math questions: How old are you?

  • State your answer in years.
  • State your answer in seasons.
  • State your answer in months.
  • State your answer in weeks.

What date is it?

What number day of the year is it?

How many more days until January 1?

Play a counting game with a parent or friend. Take turns counting to 50 by 2’s, 3’s, 4’s, and 5’s. See how quickly you can complete it together.

Play a game of Tenzi, Yahtzee. or this dice game. Practice number ID, counting, talking about what is higher or lower. 

What Matters to You?

Create a poster to educate other people about an issue that matters to you. Think about a problem you see in the world. Some ideas might be protecting the environment, stopping bullying, or helping the homeless. Anything that matters to you!

Write a song to sing about what you could do to change the world. You can use a familiar tune, and write your own words, or you can come up with your own tune!

Make your own puzzle, draw your favorite superhero, or yourself as a superhero. Cut out your puzzle and put it together.

Stand Up!

Stand up! Try this standing yoga practice today: 
First, have your child do some warm-up stretches: 10-15 arm circles (front and backward), 15 jumping jacks, running in place for 30 seconds, 10 leg squats, 10 push-ups, and sit-ups then go to GoNoodle and have your child pick a couple of PE/Dance videos. 

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