Starry, Starry Night
Starry, Starry Night As the weather warms and the skies clear, we can go outside to appreciate the night skies. What might you see?

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Is That A String of Pearls in the Sky? Take a look at this video.  What do you notice? What do you wonder?  Share your thoughts with someone and ask them to share their ideas.

If you didn’t guess, those lights moving across the sky are satellites, specifically Starlink Satellites being launched into space by a company owned by Elon Musk.  There are a lot of man-made satellites orbiting Earth already, and some people are worried that launching a bunch more into space is ruining the beauty of our night skies.  On the other hand, satellites are needed for many things we use everyday, like cell phones and television.  Read this article in Forbes magazine to find out more.

What do you think?  Should we try to stop more man-made satellites from being launched, or do we need to allow more to replace old satellites and make sure we can keep using the technologies we are used to?  Write a persuasive essay to convince others of your opinion.  You can use this For and Against Template to think of all the reasons supporting each side of the debate, and this Persuasive Writing Planning Template to plan your essay.

Create your own rocket launcher!  Try this experiment from Jessica Brouns of Soulsbyville Elementary School using materials you may have around your house.   

Lines of Symmetry

Lines of Symmetry:  Explore this and other topics in these math problems.

Leveled learning extension 1: Reinforce your math skills with this page which offer more basic math problems! 

Leveled learning extension 2: Tease your brain with this worksheets to target foundational math skills! 

Create It

This is a famous painting by Vincent Van Gogh titled Starry Night. Notice how the artist used little lines of paint in different shades of blue and yellow to make swirls that make the night sky look like it is full of movement. Follow this art tutorial by Mr. New to create your own artwork inspired by this piece.

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Speech & Language

Focus on giving information: Choose objects in your house that could be used to make a simple lever, wedge, or inclined plane. Using just your words, tell a family member or friend how to build the machine. 

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