Jump, Frog, Jump!

Today’s Activities

Rhyming time!

Listen to “Jump, Frog, Jump!” Make predictions with your child on how the frog will escape. Learning Objective: Follow details in the narrative that includes the order of events or cause and effect.

Frog Art Activity

Follow the link and choose an art activity all about frogs!

Learning Objective: Children will perform, with efficiency, a variety of tasks that require precise manipulation of small objects

Get Your Day Hoppin'!

Make some frog pancakes to get a jump on your day. Add green food coloring to the pancake mix and build your own frog. Try using marshmallows or whipped cream for eyes – you can even add raisins or chocolate chips. Children can help with measuring, pouring, and stirring ingredients.

Learning Objective: Children will explore the properties of objects through the use of measurement tools with standard units.

Get your little tadpole involved! Let your child pour, stir, and top the pancakes!

Get Moving!

Make some Lily Pads for your child to jump on. Children can practice jumping and hopping. Such as two feet together, one foot or leaping on lily pads as they pretend to be a frog. To add some math count as you are jumping and measure how far the jump was.

Learning Objective: Coordinates Movements that momentarily move the body off the ground.

Learning objective 2: Shows understanding of some measurable properties such as length.

Involve your little one in Water Play.

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