Attention Engineers!
Attention Engineers! This one's for you. Design something inspired by nature. Tracy Rowan, Tracy Webster

Today’s Activities

Read it! Write it!

The basic form of a hairbrush hasn’t changed for 10,000 years. How do you improve on something so old?

The answer was purring right under this inventor’s nose. Read more in “A Better Brush.”


Brain Teasers! Challenge yourself to solve these math puzzles. Share one or more with someone else and explain your thinking.

Mystery Science

“A Better Brush” encourages students to design something inspired by nature. Mystery Science – Why Do Cats Purr?

Pawsome Excersizes

Get your blood flowing. Circle your arms in all directions with Mr. Catman!

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Speech & Language

Speech and Language: Focus on giving information: Can you create an invention to solve a common problem? Using your own words, describe this invention to someone in your home including what materials you would need to build it.

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Year in Review

Year in Review

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Fail Forward

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Field Day!

Field Day!

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