Muddy Obstacle Course
Watch, read about, and tackle measurement math problems regarding kids undertaking a muddy obstacle course! Tracy Rowan, Tracy Webster

Today’s Activities

Read It! Write it!

Read  “Muddy Moves”. 

If you were to compete in a Mini Mudder, what would you do to complete the race as fast as possible? 


Explore the Math Talk section of “Muddy Moves”  to learn about choosing the appropriate unit of measurement.

Mystery Science

Take a trip inside the body to see that the heart is a muscle, contracting and expanding to move blood through our blood vessels.

How many times do you think a heart beats in 30 seconds?

Get moving!

With your parents help, create your own obstacle course indoors or out!

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Teaching Tips

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Speech & Language

Focus on giving information: If you could create your own obstacle course, what would it look like? Using your own words, describe your obstacle course to someone in your home.

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