Pete the Cat and the Cool Caterpillar

Today’s Activities


Listen to “Pete the Cat and the Cool Caterpillar”

Sing together “The Fuzzy Caterpillar” (to the toon of the itsy bitsy spider)

Examine these simple pictures of the caterpillar life cycle


Use this worksheet and encourage using the dominant hand /correct grasp. May need some assistance with the correct position of the marker. Encourage to hold the paper still with the non-dominant hand. You can do a rainbow line, tracing over the lines several times using different colors.


Making play dough: click on this link for instructions and learning tips.

Fun with scissors

Follow these instructions to help with scissor skills. Help the child with the correct positioning of scissors if needed and hold the paper with the non-dominant hand. May needs some verbal cues to stop at the line.

HOw do you feel?

Click on this link to open a document with an emotion chart and tips for use.


Print out this Spring Scavenger hunt, or simply write the items on a piece of paper to check off. Look for the items outside. Discuss the changes in your environment and changes in your surroundings/community.

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