Two Classic Fairy Tales: The Red Shoes and The Little Match Girl

Today’s Activities

Blue Group: Watch & Journal

Watch the video of both fairy tales below. When you are done watching, write in your journal 1 or 2 sentences about something you remembered or liked.

How do Crystals Work?

Click the link to a TED talk on crystals. After watching the video write down 1 or 2 things that you learned in your daily journal.

Improve your math skills

Log into Prodigy Math. If you forgot your username or password, email your teacher.

Stay healthy

Build strength, improve flexibility, and stay calm and happy. Here are some suggested physical and breathing exercises.

Did you do today’s activities?

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Teaching Tips

Learning Options

Remember that learning can happen anywhere. As we experience school and home happening in the same space, take advantage of opportunities to work on skills such as food preparation, organizing your drawers, making lists of activities to try during the day, or doing chores.