Celebrating Differences
Celebrating Differences!

Today’s Activities

Read and watch

Read this article from Scholastic Magazine about a remarkable young lady who is on a mission to change the way the world views people with disabilities. Watch the video about Marvel’s Hero Project to learn more about a new show featuring kid activists.

Read the following story on “we are the same and different”.  Once done reading or listening to someone read the story to you; use the picture supports to answer simple questions.


Download the first worksheet to work with Customary Liquid and Weight Units. If you’d like a challenge, download the second worksheet to work with Algebraic and Arithmetic Expressions.

Measurements are important and FUN. Use this google link to find practice matching measuring cups & spoons needed for a recipe. Then follow the recipe or use a box of cookies, cake or brownies and bake together


Do you know anyone who has had a hand or an arm injured in an accident? What if you could build them a robotic hand to help them accomplish everyday tasks like writing, picking up a glass, or opening a door? This activity will show you how to build a simple robotic hand using common household materials. If you don’t have the materials suggested in the activity. No worries…use what you have. Get creative!

Write your name with a pen or pencil. Take a pair of tongs, put the pen/ pencil in the tongs, try to write your name using the tong as your hand. What is easier: hand or tongs?

D.E.A.M - Drop Everything and Move

Today’s Activites: 1) While mantaining social distancing, take a walk. Walk with a family member if you can. 2) Did you know that soda has approximatley 39 grams of sugar? Do 39 mountain climbers. Watch this video of how to do mtn. climbers if you are unsure.

First, have your child do some warm up stretches: 10-15 arm circles (front and backwards), 15 jumping jacks, running in place for 30 seconds, 10 leg squats, 10 push ups and sit ups then go to GoNoodle and have your child pick a couple of PE/Dance videos. 


the arts

Superheroes are inspired by real-life heroes. Think about someone in your life who is a hero to you. Using this Graphic Novel Template as an example, create a graphic novel starring your hero. You can include a superhero costume, but be sure to mention the actions or qualities that make this person one of your heroes.

Draw your favorite Superhero. It can be someone you know, or a character from a comic book, movie.

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