Innovative Inventions
Read about a clever boy who creates a robot to secretly do his chores.

Today’s Activities


While you read the fictional story, “Clean Start”, follow each reading tip, which will guide you to be a sharp reader.

Leveled learning extension: Click “Text to Speech” to have the story read aloud as you follow along. You can change the speed of the reading – slower or faster. Scroll down to the bottom of the webpage and click “slideshow” to review the vocabulary words from the story.


Directions: Using the digits 1 through 9 only one time each, fill in the blanks to make true statements. For the fraction, less than 1/2, try to make the greatest number possible. For the fraction greater than 1/2, try to make the least number possible.

Hint: How can you use the digits you have remaining to create a fraction that equals 1/2?

Challenge: There is more than one solution to this problem. How many can you come up with?

Leveled learning extension 2: Work on numbers to 20 using a robot ten-frame!


Mystery Science – Why Is It So Hard to Make New Inventions


Make it! Cut shapes out of different colors of paper and arrange them on another paper to make a robot picture. Once you like the design, glue your pieces down and use a marker to add details. How many different shapes did you use? Did you use any rectangles, trapezoids, circles? How many more shapes can you identify?

Make your own robot with this directed drawing activity! 

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Teaching Tips

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Speech & Language

Focus on giving information: If you could build a robot, what chores or activities would you have your robot do for you? What materials would you use to build your robot? Using your own words, describe your ideas to someone in your home.

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