Bats at the Beach

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“Bats at the Beach” Listen to this story about a bat family’s adventure of exploring the beach. Think about things that fly that you see during the day. Talk about how some things that fly can come out at night rather than the day time, and spend their awake hours out and about while your child is sleeping.

Sing it!

Listen to or sing “Five Little Bats”

Objective: Children will learn the body and hand motions to a new counting song. For added fun, find dark colored paper and cut out 5 bats for your child to follow along.

What do you see?

Check out BrainPop Jr.’s classifying animals. Talk about how flying animals can be different. Birds and bats both fly, however bird lay eggs while bats give birth to young since they are mammals. Introduce the word mammal to your child. A mammal is an animal that has live birth, breathes oxygen, and has fur or hair. Mammals also get milk from their mother when they are infants (babies).

Make it!

Now that you have explored stories and science information about bats, try this STEM activity with your child! Make your own bat to fly at home!


Watch this story about another animal that flies, a bat! As you watch with your child, talk about the following:

How are things that fly the same? What made the flying animals in the story different from one another? Think about how your friends may have something in common and how you may be different? By exploring this topic children can gain the concept of identity and investigate how they may have similarities and differences in their own lives and family settings.

Frozen Yoga

Watch this video as a whole one time. Next time practice just a few poses and stop the video after each pose to make sure of participation and the need of help. The next day do the same thing and try to increase the amount of poses that are tried. Continue for the whole week.

Try it

Toddlers/Infants: Bat Foot Print Paint Activity

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Where You Live

Take a walk around where you live. Bring a bag or bucket and collect items during your walk. Discuss where you live, what lives around you, and what your child collected.

Objective: Sense of place. The child demonstrates increased awareness of the characteristics of physical environments and connections among their attributes, including the people and activities in them.

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