Zoo Chef
Learn about what it's like to be a Zoo Chef! by Tracy Webster

Today’s Activities

READ IT! write it!

Write It: Would you like to be a zoo chef? Why or why not? Write a paragraph (or more!) about why you would or would not want to be a baker. Use a topic sentence, supporting evidence from the article and a conclusion. Your paragraph should have at least 5-7 sentences. You can open this in a new Google Document to type your response or write it on a piece of paper.


Watch this video  and read the article, Animal Nutrition Center

Draw It!

Watch this video “Animal Nutrition Center,” then pick a zoo animal described in the article or video, and make a drawing of the animal enjoying its meal. Label your drawing with the foods the animal is eating. Then add some fun thought bubbles to share what the animal is thinking or feeling. Finish your drawing with a short description of your animal and its diet.

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Teaching Tips

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Turning on transcripts for YouTube Videos [PDF]

Speech & Language

Focus on similes: A simile compares two things using like or as (ex. busy as a bee) Find three things around your house and describe them using similes.

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