Let Them Eat Cake!
Let Them Eat Cake! Math connection: take a a favorite recipe and figure out how much of each ingredient you would need if you wanted to double the recipe. Can you figure out what half of the recipe would be?

Today’s Activities


Meet a YouTube star who creates spectacular cakes in “Cake Chemist.”

Leveled learning extension: The Scholastic website has tons of accessibility options. Scroll along the left side of the page. Try clicking “Text to Speech” to have the text read aloud to you. Click “lower level” to try a reading passage that has the same information, but is a little easier to read.

Visit Rosanna Pansino’s website for more fun recipes. 


Write it!

Did you know that baking required so much math? Write a paragraph (or more!) about why you would or would not want to be a baker. Use a topic sentence, supporting evidence from the article and a conclusion. Your paragraph should have at least 5-7 sentences. You can open this in a new Google Document to type your response or write it on a piece of paper.

Leveled learning extension 1: When you are giving an OPINION (like telling why you would or would not want to be a baker), make sure to state clearly WHAT your opinion is. Then, provide at least THREE reasons that support your opinion.

Leveled learning extension 2: Being a baker can be hard work! Can you draw a picture of 3 things you could make if you were a baker? Be sure to label your drawing.

whole numbers

Add Whole Numbers, use this lesson plan for parents.

Leveled learning extension 1: For fun math practice in making equivalent fractions, try this “Cake Math” game. 

Leveled learning extension 2: Use this worksheet to practice counting objects up to 10. Cut out the correct number of candles for each cake. 

Make it!

What science-inspired treats would you like to make for a themed party? Plan out 5 treats, thinking about what would make a spectacular cake, cupcake, or cookie. Draw what each treat would look like and describe how each treat would taste. Don’t forget to give them each a name!

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Teaching Tips

Accessibility Feature

Turning on transcripts for YouTube Videos [PDF]

Speech & Language

Focus on identifying synonyms: Identify a similiar word to each of these words: pal, car, rapid, rare, and angry.


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