Kate, Who Tamed the Wind

Today’s Activities


Watch Kate, Who Tamed the Wind.

Work with your child on Things that Fly. Discuss with children about things that fly. You could also read a book about the wind or airplanes with them.

Lesson from the Occupational Therapist

Using the Fingerprint Painting worksheets, encourage your child to isolate their pointer finger.

Cut & Sort Activity

Print the sorting mats and vehicle pages. Have your child practice their cutting skills (keeping their thumbs up) to cut out the vehicle pictures and sort each onto the correct page (land, air or water)

Objective: children will be able to sort images by one or more attributes.

Make a Kite

Spring is a great time to fly kites. Use the kite making pattern to assemble and decorate their papers kites.

Learning objective: Spatial relationships Curiosity and initiative in Learning

Frozen Yoga

Watch the “Frozen Yoga “video in its entirety. Next time have your child practice just a few poses, stopping the video after each pos. The next day, have your child increase the number of poses. Continue for the week.

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Work Together

Work together with your child to make a paper homemade kite. Discuss what might happen: Predictions (Refer to the wind story, what will make the kite fly?). After, discuss what worked and didn’t.

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