California, the “Golden State”
Eureka! Why is California known as the "Golden State"? Share your thoughts with someone, then click on the links below to learn more.

Today’s Activities


“Witnessing the Gold Rush”: Read pages 2-8 (document pages 4-10)

Then complete page 2 (document page 4) in the workbook 

Leveled learning extension: Use this adapted book to learn more about the Gold Rush. 

Talking Math: Day 5

Use this worksheet to complete the activities below:

A baby elephant typically weighs about 200 pounds. An adult female elephant is about 30 times heavier than a baby elephant.

List some possible weights of a female elephant? How do you know? (4.OA.A.2)

Visit this site to find out more fun facts about elephants.

What math story problems can you make up about elephants?

Use these instructions to help you make an origami elephant. 

Recommended children’s book: There is a Bird on Your Head, by Mo Willems

Could an adult female elephant weigh: 10,000 pounds? 6,200 pounds? 400 pounds? Why or why not?

Use this worksheet to help you practice basic counting. 


Did the articles you read give you an idea about why California is called the Golden State? The Gold Rush is just one of the things that made our state well known. Watch this 20-minute video to learn more about the geography and history of our state. California Streaming Video below:

Make It!

Did you know California has many state symbols, such as an official state tree and a sport? You can probably guess the official state mineral! Explore this link to see all the official California symbols, then choose a few to make a poster advertising our great state.

Color one of these state symbols online here.

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Speech & Language

Focus on giving information: Using only your words, describe three steps in the formation of gold nuggets that land in a river. Or, have you ever been gold panning at Columbia State Park? Describe the steps in finding a gold nugget in the water.

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