Wacky Facts
Life can seem crazy sometimes, but there are crazier things out there! Have fun exploring some unusual things to eat and places to visit. If you were naming a new town, what name would you choose?

Today’s Activities


Wacky Facts! Scroll down to Week 1, Day 4, and read “Burger Bugs?” to find out why some people are eating some crazy things!

  • Choose one (or all!) of the paired texts to find out about some wacky place names, a crazy idea for a hairbrush inspired by a cat, or choose a side in a debate about kids’ sports.

Talking Math: Day 1

Use this worksheet to answer the following questions:

  • Fun Fact: In 1984 Janet Harris of Sussex, UK set the world record for eating 7,175 peas. About how many pods would that be? How do you know? (4.NBT.B.6)
  • Can you find pictures of other vegetables that come in groups?
  • Do they typically come in groups of odd or even numbers?
  • Find other places you see arrangements of 10 things around you. Draw a picture of them and show someone!

Green peas are transported from farms in bushels that usually weigh about 28 pounds. Find out more here about the weights of different vegetables by looking at this page

  • What problems can you make up and solve about vegetable weights?

Recommended book about counting: Count on Me by Miquel Tanco

Find somewhere around you that relates to the math you saw in the image.

  • Take a picture or shoot a video. Send it our way!


Hiccups seem weird too! What causes them?

question it!

Did February seem a little longer this year? That’s because it was! Leap year happens every four years. Find out why by watching this Brain Pop video.

create it!

Use these instructions to draw a silly Knuffle Bunny like Mo Willems!

Move It!

One way to calm yourself when life feels crazy is by doing deep breathing while stretching, like yoga.

  • Try the “sun salutation” poses on this website.
  • Take deep breaths as you carefully move your body into each shape and hold it.
  • How long can you hold each pose?

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Speech & Language

Focus on giving information: Choose objects in your house that could be used to make a simple lever, wedge, or inclined plane. Using just your words, tell a family member or friend how to build the machine.


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