Trading Places
"Trading Places!" Switching from school to home has been a big change for many of us as we learn to work and learn in new ways. Today we will explore the ways we and other forces can move, transfer, and change. By: Carmel Portillo, Belleview School and Sheri Betz, Chinese Camp School

Today’s Activities

Read It!

  • Does it feel like lately, you’ve been resting at home all day? Listen to this funny story “Let’s Swap for a Day,” about a girl who switches places with her pet dog. Journal a funny story or a comic strip about an animal you would swap with for a day.

Think about some of the important words in the story: jealous, swap, concentrate

What would you do if you could trade places with your dog or cat for the day? Draw or tell about THREE things you would do.

Talking Math: Day 3

  • Ducks sleep about 10 and 8/10 hours per day. About how many hours does each duck sleep in 3 days? Explain or show how you know. (4.NF.B.3.C)
  • What birds do you see around your home? Sketch and color the different birds you see. Keep track of the type and number of birds you see during the day. Make a display of the data. Show someone and ask them what they learn by looking at your display. Ducks weigh far less than one might imagine. Find the weights of different kinds of ducks and put them in order from least to greatest. Mallard ducks migrate to different places. Read more about them here
  • Where do Mallard ducks live? Learn how to draw some birds with Mo Willems here. 
  • Related children’s book: Johnny’s Pheasant by Cheryl Minnema Find somewhere around you that relates to the math you saw in the image. Take a picture or shoot a video. Send it our way!

Choose the grade level at which you can complete the activity alone. Ask an adult helper to tackle a more difficult grade level.

Use this modified worksheet to help you talk about the ducks.

Explore It!

  • Energy moves and changes places, too! Watch the video on “Energy Transfer” from Generation Genius. Answer the “Discussion Questions” below the video, aloud. Try your own “S’More” oven at home in the DIY section under the video.

Draw It

  • Explore the movement of a shape in a pattern by making a “Tessellation” drawing. A tessellation is a combination of shapes that fit together perfectly without any gaps, much like a jigsaw puzzle. The result is a symmetric design of repeating patterns, which may feature animals, persons or anything else. Brick walls, tiled floors and the honeycomb pattern in bee hives are all tessellations. Some famous tessellations can also be found on historical buildings.
  • Example art 1
  • Example art 2

Choose a tessalation from this website. You can print it out and color it, or you can color it online!

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Teaching Tips

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Turning on transcripts for YouTube Videos [PDF]

Speech & Language

Focus on giving information: Describe to an adult helper the steps involved in making a “tessellation” art project.

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