In the Garden
Many people plant a garden to grow vegetables at home. Let’s learn more about gardening in today’s lesson.

Today’s Activities


Listen to this poem about gardening.  Can you write an acrostic poem with the word GARDEN?

Watch this video to learn how to plan a garden.  What are the steps for planting a garden?  Use this flow chart to help you write down your ideas.


Different plants need different amounts of space to grow.  Use this grid to design a garden for these plants, make sure to give each plant the right amount of space listed in these instructions.  Think about how far apart each plant should be, and how big the rows between each kind of plant should be. 

Tip: do not glue your plants onto the grid until you have finished planning where to put all your plants in your garden.  You do not have to use all of the plant pictures.


Many of the vegetables we eat were flowers at one point of the plant’s life cycle.  How do flowers bloom in the spring? Explore this question with this Mystery Science video.

victory gardens

During hard times in the past, people grew “Victory Gardens” to provide enough food.  Watch this news report to see how this is popular again with some people today.

try it!

Can you turn some vegetables from your garden into art? This one is pretty fancy, but you can make your own design.

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