Games Are Fun!
Games Are Fun! Learning is fun when we turn it into a game! Adjust your mental mindset and jump into some learning today!

Today’s Activities


Reading Bingo Challenge.   Do you like to read?  A good book can help you travel to new places in your imagination or learn to see things from a new point of view.  So find a book at home or choose one online (you can check out some choices on TumbleBooks) and see how many of these reading bingo squares you can cross off.

Brain Teasers!

Math Puzzles. Bend your brain around some math problems with this worksheet.  Then, see if you can stump someone at home!

Leveled learning extension 1: Reinforce your math skills with these pages which offer more basic math problems!

Worksheet 1

Worksheet 2


Leveled learning extension 2: Tease your brain with this worksheet to target foundational math skills!

Build it!

Engineering is a challenge to find the solution to a problem.  What human problem did parachutes solve?  Can you design and build a parachute to safely bring something to the ground?  Try this experiment to find out.

Do some P.E. With Joe!  Can you use some ideas from Joe to teach your own P.E. class to someone at home?

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Year in Review

Year in Review

Today's ActivitiesThe events you are living through today will be part of history tomorrow.  Stories people write about parts of their lives can be used by people in the future to learn about the past.  Learn more with this BrainPOP Jr. video. What will your future...

Fail Forward

Fail Forward

Today's ActivitiesDiscuss this picture with an adult at home.  What do you think it means?  Why do you think the illustrator chose an iceberg to represent success? Lookup any of the words under the water, labeled “What People Don’t See,” that you don’t know in a...

Field Day!

Field Day!

Today's ActivitiesWatch “Miss Nelson Has a Field Day” and fill out this story map to describe the plot elements.First, draw a large chalk 10 by 10 grid on the blacktop or sidewalk. Mark the numbers 1 through 10 along the top and down the left side. Get beanbags (or...