What are the 5 Gyres?
What are the 5 Gyres? You've probably heard that there are islands of plastic in the ocean. But have you heard that there are things kids can do about it? Today we'll explore the impact of plastic on the ocean and take a look at some young inventors who are working to make our earth a better place! By Stefani Sheffield Sonora Elementary School.

Today’s Activities

read it! write it!

READ IT! Plastic pollution? What’s the problem? Read this article to find out what impact plastic has on our oceans.

WATCH IT! Learn about what a gyre is.

THINK ABOUT IT! How could the plastic problem impact you? What are things your family are already doing to reduce plastic waste?


Today, we’re going to use rounding to estimate when adding big numbers! First, watch this video to see how to use rounding to add. Then play this soccer game to practice rounding some more!

Expore It!

Have you ever invented something? Read about this teenager who is working on an invention to clean up the garbage in the ocean. Watch this video about a teenager who is inventing a robot that cleans up microplastics.

CREATE IT! Would you like to invent something to solve a problem? Check out this website to learn about being an inventor!

Move It!

We have learned that plastic in the ocean often comes from trash that has washed off of streets. With an adult’s help, go for a street clean up walk. Bring 2 bags – one for garbage and one for recycling – and put on gloves for safety! Then walk up and down your street looking for trash that could wash into creeks the next time it rains. Need inspiration? Watch this dad-son duo clean up trash around their school!

Create IT!

Use one of these ideas to make something out of plastic.

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Speech & Language

Verb tenses: Can you change the following sentence into past tense. ‘I’m planting a tree.’

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