Gratitude. Did you know that studies have shown that finding things to be thankful for can make you feel happier? Today we'll explore gratitude! By Stefani Sheffield, Sonora Elementary.

Today’s Activities

Read It! Write it!

WATCH IT! Video about gratitude and happiness.

WRITE IT! Make a list of things you feel grateful for today. Share one of them with us here!

READ IT! Follow along with Addison Addley as he uses one of his greatest struggles to create a big success!

Leveled learning extension 1: Click on “read aloud” to have the Addison Addley book read aloud as you follow along.

Leveled learning extension 2: Another word for “grateful” is “thankful.” There are lots of things you feel thankful for. You might feel thankful for your parents, or your pet turtle. You might feel thankful for bubble wrap, like Kid President! Think about one thing you are thankful for and share it using this link


SOLVE IT! Let’s play some games exploring liquid measurement!

Game 1

Game 2 

Leveled learning extension: Focus on measuring. Use this resource to help you measure the number of cotton balls or Legos fit inside a cup! If you don’t have a McDonalds cup, that’s ok. Can you use a cup from your kitchen? 


EXPLORE! Where can we find fresh water? Why is fresh water important? Watch this video about the importance of fresh water! Then, have some fun by trying one or two of these water experiments.

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Speech & Language

COMPARE and CONTRAST. Find two favorite toys or games in your home and describe the similarities and differences between them.

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