Transformation and Change
Transformation and change. In Spring, the world seems to change around us. From worms turning to bees and butterflies, to bulbs blossoming into flowers. Today we'll explore the theme of transformation through stories and reflect on the changes we see in the world today. By Stefani Sheffield and Kelli O'Brien, Sonora Elementary School.

Today’s Activities

Read It! Write it!

We all know how caterpillars become butterflies, but have you ever wondered about the life cycle of a bumblebee? Read along with the Tumblebook, “The Bumblebee Queen.” Over the years, different cultures have marveled at transformations in the world and created Legends to explain them. Read this Ojibwa Legend called “The Star Maiden.”

Now that you know about the life cycle of the bumblebee, can you make up a legend to explain it in a different way? Imagine if the Queen Bee were a magical creature – what kind of creature would she be? What would she want? What would she do to get what she wants? Be creative!


Sometimes the challenges we face take more than one step to solve. This is so true in life, but it’s also true in word problems! Watch this video on solving two-step word problems. Then, see if you can use operations (multiplication, division, addition, and/or subtraction) to solve these math puzzles!


Interested in learning more about the bumblebee? Check out this webpage completely dedicated to these awesome animals.

Explore it!

There are some things that never change. Right? Imagine back to two months ago… could you have imagined how different your life is now? Watch this video about change then tell us about some surprising things that have changed in your life here. Then, if you would like to, make a video about one of these changes and upload it.

Create It!

Use these instructions and watch the video in them and learn how to draw an Easter Lily.

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Speech & Language

Focus on COMPARE and CONTRAST. Use this worksheet and discuss the similarities and differences between a ladybug and a bee. 

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