Zebra Animal Adaptation
Zebra Animal Adaptation: Let’s go have some wild fun! Today you are going to explore zebras. Did you know that zebras have stripes for many different reasons? Watch the video from Mystery Science to learn about if before you begin your lesson! Created by Mrs. Fournier and Mrs. Gorgas, Sonora Elementary.

Today’s Activities

Read It!

After reading this article answer these three questions:

Why do zebras have stripes? What is camouflage? How are a zebra’s stripes like a fingerprint?

Leveled learning extension: Click the “Listen” button on the Wonderopolis site to have the text read aloud to you.

Leveled learning extension 2: Be sure to watch this video about zebras.

Use this worksheet to try a zebra soduko puzzle.

The perimeter of a zebra’s rectangular enclosure at the zoo is 56 meters. If the length of the zebra’s enclosure is 16 meters, then find its width. Now that you’ve found the width, use that to find the area of the zebra’s enclosure. Remember: The perimeter is the distance around a shape and area is the square units that occupy the space inside a shape. In the zoo there are 8 zebras. If one-fourth (1/4) of the zebras are male, what fraction are female? Try to find another fraction that is equivalent to ¼.

Leveled learning extension 1: Use this worksheet to practice skip counting by 100s. If each zebra has 100 stripes, how many stripes are there in all? 

Leveled learning extension 2: Use this worksheet and make a zebra craft with A-B patterns. 

Explore It!

Do flies like to munch on zebras or horses more? After reading this article and answering this research question, can you come up with your own animal research question?

Use the “Words to Know” button on the right side of the web page to learn important vocabulary words. Use the “Text to Speech” button on the left side of the page to have the text read aloud to you as you follow along.

Draw It!

Follow along with this video to draw your own zebra.

Do your best to color the black stripes inside the lines in this printable zebra coloring sheet. 

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Teaching Tips

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Speech & Language

Speech and language: Use this worksheet and focus on COMPARE and CONTRAST. Discuss how a Zebra and a lion are similiar and different.  

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