Shake, Rattle, and Roll!
"Shake, Rattle, and Roll!" Finding a new learning routine can feel shaky! Today we will translate some of those feelings into a study of earthquakes! By: Carmel Portillo, Belleview School and Sheri Betz, Chinese Camp School

Today’s Activities

Read It!

Activate prior knowledge: Have you ever felt an earthquake? Review key vocabulary before reading the passage: foreshock, aftershock, Richter scale, epicenter, tsunami, landslide, boulder.

Use the adapted book.

Talking Math: Day 3

  • The ducks sleep in straw beds that hold 3 ducks at a time. How many straw beds would be needed for the ducks in this picture?
  • How many beds would be needed if there were 42 ducks? (3.OA.B.6)
  • What birds do you see around your home? Sketch and color the different birds you see. Keep track of the type and number of birds you see during the day. Make a display of the data. Show someone and ask them what they learn by looking at your display.
  • Ducks weigh far less than one might imagine. Find the weights of different kinds of ducks and put them in order from least to greatest.
  • Mallard ducks migrate to different places. Read more about them here.
  • Where do Mallard ducks live?
  • Learn how to draw some birds with Mo Willems. 
  • Related children’s book: Johnny’s Pheasant by Cheryl Minnema
  • Find somewhere around you that relates to the math you saw in the image.
  • Take a picture or shoot a video. Send it our way!

Explore It!

Find Sonora on a map. Which earthquakes have happened closest to Sonora?

Count the number of earthquakes (colored pins on the map). How many? Compare the number of earthquakes to the number of people in your family. Is it more or less?

Work out!

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Teaching Tips

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Speech & Language

Compare and contrast an EARTHQUAKE and a TORNADO. How are they SIMILAR? How are they DIFFERENT?

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