What’s Bugging You?
"What's Bugging You" - Sometimes adjusting to change can bug us, and make us feel many emotions. Today we will reflect on some of those feelings, while exploring bugs and animals in nature! By: Carmel Portillo, an eagle from Belleview School, and Sheri Betz, a dragon from Chinese Camp School

Today’s Activities

Read It!

Read the story “Don’t Feed the Worry Bug.”

Activate prior knowledge: What are some things YOU worry about? What are some strategies for keeping calm?

Color and cut out Wince and the Worry Bug. Attach to a straw or stick. Act out the story.

Talking Math: Day 2

How many whole oranges do you see? How many halves? (3.NF.A.1) What fruits look like geometric shapes? List the fruits and the shapes they look like. This link shows an image of a packed prism of oranges.

What mathematical questions could you ask about the image?

Choose the grade level at which you can complete the activity alone. Ask an adult helper to tackle a more difficult grade level.

Use the supported worksheet to talk about oranges. 

Explore It!

Take a virtual trip to the San Diego Zoo! Explore the animal exhibits through their webcams. Journal your observations and describe which animal you’re most like and why.

Remember to use at least 3 sentences with DESCRIBING words (what does the animal LOOK like? SOUND like? FEEL like?)

Draw a picture of your favorite animal in the San Diego Zoo. Dictate and then copy/trace at least one sentence about the animal: “The panda is my favorite animal because…”

Move It!

Move along to this 20 minute workout!

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Teaching Tips

Accessibility Feature

Turning on transcripts for YouTube Videos [PDF]

Speech & Language

Use this form and compare and contrast TWO of your favorite animals in the San Diego Zoo webcam videos. How are they SIMILAR? How are they DIFFERENT?

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